Thursday, October 29, 2009

Another blog attempt, perhaps I'm mature enough to keep this going... finally.

Hello everyone, welcome to the first post of yet another one of my forays into the world of blogging. I've tried several blogs over the past few years centered on various interests that I have but they all seem to fizzle out for lack of personal will to maintain them. My life has been rather tumultuous over that time so I'm not too surprised. Since then my life has settled down a bit and I feel like I'm in a good place, thus the will to blog arises once again.

If you were curious, I am a practicing witch (obviously... I mean, really) who follows a rather eclectic spiritual path. I am intensely interested in all sorts of spiritual paths and magical crafts from around the globe, and presumably my future posts will reflect that. I don't really have a definite goal for this blog, just to express my ideas and opinions and perhaps to foster communication on different subjects.

NOTE: I am NOT Tanith LunaCrevan of The College Witch, though that is an excellent blog that I would recommend to anyone, especially if they are college students.

Anywho, I hope to update this again soon with a more coherent string of thoughts than those currently flitting about in my head.


  1. I think that if you were to continue this blog it would be a fascinating and very thought-provoking read. Though I am used to our conversations being very thought-provoking at all times.

    I look forward to continually reading this blog and do hope that there will be more to read.

    Blessed Be
    Lord Iolair Stormwing

  2. Thank you Iolair! I know you're thinking about starting a blog and I can't wait to read it!