Monday, May 10, 2010

Podcast Mania and Kellianna!

Despite how busy I should be right now (in the midst of finals week... I don't want to think about that French final I took today...) I am back with another post!

I finally got around to listening to Episode 68 of The Wigglian Way (which was out before Beltaine but I just got to it tonight) as a backdrop to studying for a final.  It was another great episode, I adore Sparrow and Mojo and they had a great interview with Kellianna, a fantastic pagan artist whose music I love.  To paraphrase Mojo: when you hear a Kellianna song once, you hear it for the rest of the day.  This episode of course reminded me that Kellianna is having a concert in my area.  She will be performing at Goddess Blessed in Lakewood, OH on September 20th, which is super exciting! I still need to pick up a ticket for it, but if anyone's going to be in the area and sees me there, feel free to say hi.  :D  (Also, I love that Kellianna listens to classical music on NPR...)

So, for your listening enjoyment, here is a Kellianna song:

On another podcast related note, I've added a new pagan podcast to my list: New World Witchery. I've known about New World Witchery since they started, but wasn't really interested in listening tons of podcasts.  Now the idea of a podcast about paganism and witchcraft in North America really intrigues me and I'm excited to get through the rest of their episodes (there are only 9 with a couple of specials, so it's relatively easy to catch up).  Like I've said previously, I really enjoy podcasts with two hosts so that's a big plus for me, and they cover some really interesting topics, and they list tons of references and resources in all their show notes.

Also, since I've already given a shoutout to Mojo, I should probably mention TLS, or The Lovely Sara as she has put out the third episode of HedgeFolk Tales which should be extremely enjoyable, as the first two episode of HedgeFolk Tales were.  And I love reading Sarah's blog at the Witch of Forest Grove because every time I go on her website I am inspired to do crafts of my own, and the things she creates are absolutely beautiful!

Another podcast which I have not had the chance to listen to yet is the Standing Stone & Garden Gate podcast, which also looks promising.  It only had 12 numbered episodes so it should also be easy to catch up on, I'll post more about it once I've gone and started listening to it.  As an added bonus, their website looks cool and has lots of links for casual clicking.

Since I'm on a podcast kick here, I might as well keep talking about the pagan podcast Iolair and I are planning and might actually have time to do, given school is soon to be over for me.  We've got even more crafts queued up for doing over the summer, and all of them have some sort of tie-in to spirituality/paganism/witchcraft.  We're both really excited to venture into the world of podcasting (so I should probably keep in mind that I need to figure out all the technical bits...) and we can't wait to put out an episode!  We're also thinking about starting up an Etsy shop to sell some of the things we make, but that all depends on how the crafting actually goes once we start.  Just a little update, in case anyone remembers or was interested...

So, now that I've talked myself out (and I still have more things for my next post) I will leave you with these podcasts and some music.  Also, isn't this a gorgeous picture of Kellianna?

Now, back to studying, I'll probably be back sometime tomorrow (amidst writing a twelve page paper... lol) with another post!


  1. I love Kellianna. I am so jealous that you get to go to the concert and i dont. You should totally get your ticket soon so you dont miss out. I wanna see Kellianna. *pouts* stupid school and not being able to miss it.

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