Wednesday, January 20, 2010

On podcasting, and the beginning of a new semester.

I really love listening to pagan podcasts.  Of course, I've plugged the Wigglians already on the blog here and they continue to be my favorite pagan podcast.  I regularly listen to several podcasts and a couple years back I wanted to start my own personal pagan podcast where I would discuss lots of things such as current events, basic topics in witchcraft, things that happened to me in my adventures in witchery, and what my friends were also going through while walking the path.

Thinking about this now seems a bit absurd because I was 17 at the time and still had so much to learn.  I still have a lot to learn, we should never stop learning, but now that I'm infinitely more independent than I was I feel the need to perhaps expand from the blog into the realm of podcasting.  I feel as though podcasting will be a whole new sort of way to discuss things and will be distinctly different from the blog.

Something I really love about podcasts (not just pagan ones) is the concept of having a co-pilot/co-host/partner with whom to converse throughout the podcast.  I feel as though this adds even more depth to the content of the podcast, a richness that can be more difficult to achieve by a solo-podcaster.

If you haven’t already guessed, Ben (Iolair from With My Lantern Held Aloft) and I are great friends (for example, in high school we were referred to as a singular Ben-and-Liz unit, you rarely got one without the other) and thoroughly enjoy talking about almost anything.  We were on the phone last night until about 2AM; I had to call him to comment on Episode 62 of The Wigglian Way, which led to lots of discussions and tangents.  I was reminiscing about my futile attempt at podcasting as a 17 year old witch and then Ben, like the freaking genius he is, comes up with the best idea: to do a podcast that incorporates paganism and crafting, specifically how the two can enhance each other.

It just seems so perfect. We both really love to make things and are always willing to experiment with new kinds of crafts. (Look forward to posts when our spring breaks overlap because we’re going to make candles and… something else, but I can’t remember what at the moment.)  It’s lovely to post about the witchy crafts one makes in their blog, and there is an abundance of that in the blog-o-sphere.  We were both of the opinion that podcasting would really be a great way to talk about merging crafts with the Craft and there are a whole lot of ways we could do that. (I think I'll dedicate a whole blog post specifically to other blogs/sites that incorporate paganism and crafting, so look forward to that soon, as I'll be sure to update it regularly!)

It's a really exciting prospect and we're both working together to solidify the ideas and concepts for the show.  There are also a myriad of technical details that need to be sorted out, so it will all need to happen in its time.  I know Iolair is busy with school right now and I have yet to settle into the rythm of things, so more on the prospective podcast soon.

Also, I started school on Tuesday!  Spring semester of 2010 at Kent State University in gorgeous Kent, Ohio! (Felt like a commercial just there...)  I'm really excited about this semester because I feel like all of the classes are going to be really interesting, if challenging. (For example, I do not look forward to spending my Spring break writing a paper and crafting a presentation...) All pessimism aside, it's going to be good.  My first two days have passed with only a few headaches and I remain optimistic!

I hope you are all doing well!  Also, if you have any sort of feedback in regards to the idea of a pagan-crafting podcast, please leave comments because I love reading them!

Until next time,

Ancasta (Liz)


  1. From my experience, the podcasts that have a pair of hosts instead of just one host are much more entertaining. I have listened to a few different podcasts, and all of my favorites are ones like wigglian way where there is interaction. The couple podcasts that have just one host are more dull. I think that a podcast consisting of you and me would be amazing and far more entertaining than a podcast with just one or the other.

    As far as being a genius, i am far from it. I just think that involving that aspect in our podcast would be great because it is a very strong common suit between us. Crafting is something that hold a special place in both our hearts and we both understand that something made is infinitely more powerful and flexible than something bought in a store or offline.

    As far as spring break, mine is the very first week in march, and we will be making candles and possibly our own paper. But i think that spring break is gonna be mostly just experimenting for when we do hardcore making over the summer.

  2. Oh so i have a bunch of craft ideas that I think we need to do on top of four current ideas

  3. Hi Ancasta and Iolair,

    Thank for mentioning us again, Ancasta, we're glad that you are enjoying the show.

    Recently I had to do a couple of shows without Sparrow and let me tell you this, it was a lot harder to do a show solo. I hope that I don't have to do that again any time in the near future!

    I just wanted to let you know that while I prefer to do the cast with Sparrow, there are some things that you have to worry about having a partner. The main issue is that you both have to be able to do the show! There have been times where I was ready to go and Sparrow was sick, or that she was ready to go and I was sick. It's not always sickness either, sometimes life just gets in the way and when there are two of you, there's two lifes that can get in the way.

    Good luck with starting your podcast, let me know when you begin and please forgive me if you ahve already started and I didn't know it. There are a lot more podcasts out there now and it's hard to keep up with them!

    Thanks again for blogging about us and for listening to the show!

    It's all about the Love!