Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Heh.  I just deleted four draft blog posts off my little blog-menu-thingy ranging in dates from later November '09 to three days from this post.  Eh, I start a blog entry and it seems all glorious and laced with my thoughts and opinions on lofty issues like feminism, loss or the past year and how it shaped my craft... then I realize that my ability to articulate on those topics since my winter vacation has started is really shitty.  Perhaps once I get back into the swing of college and sort out all the jumbled thoughts in my head you'll get some really thought-provoking entries out of me.  (That's right, I can only get my thoughts together when I'm in the midst of the chaos that is college...  Perhaps I overthink when I have all the time in the world to think.)

For now, let's talk about fashion!  That's right, TLC's What Not To Wear is making over a Salem witch, and I am really going to be glued to the TV on Friday night.  (That last bit sounded kind of pathetic when I typed it...)  Anywho, I'm excited to see how this show plays out in any case, it seems like the particular Salem witch they've chosen has quite a bit of witch-wear that I don't think Stacy London will like one bit.  (I might be really upset if they make her throw away striped stockings though, I mean... I've been wanting to buy some for ages just so I could wear them all the time and run around like a crazy person with my friends.)

Evidently, they're also playing into the whole Salem witch trials bit, which really doesn't surprise me.  From what I've read in other blog posts, the 'charade of bullshit' (blending modern day witchcraft and pageantry with a tragic historical... oh, just go read Albiana's blog post.  It's far more articulate than anything you'll get out of me at 2:30AM) is almost unavoidable in Salem...  If you think you can stand what that might turn into and if you can stand What Not To Wear, you could watch it so that if I write more about it I don't just sound like a lunatic, and it could prove to be a potential hour (or half hour?) of diversion.

Or, you could just catch the re-run if you're flipping channels on the weekend at some absurd hour of the night because you can't sleep (and don't feel like trudging outside through the snow/ice by yourself in the middle of the night in Northeast Ohio...).


  1. I will try my best to watch it so that we can discuss the results and whatnot. (by the way, we can totally quest over the summer for some striped stocking for you)

    I look forward to reading all of your cleverly worded and thought-provoking blogs to come in the future. You always put things so eloquently.


  2. Ego-boosting friends are the best! And they'll read your blog when you start, even if no one else has yet! You're the best, and yes, stockings. I should have been hunting in the seasonal halloween stores in the beginning of November, my bad.