Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring and an overdue story of when Starhawk came to Kent...

So spring is finally starting to arrive in Northeast Ohio, and frankly, I am so pleased.  I went outside and took some pictures of buds and new growth around my parents' house when I got home today... It's so exciting!

My cat was also around briefly, so I took this neat (and what to me is kind of artistic) picture of him... He is gorgeous.

Also, I realize that I haven't posted anything in ages, so I apologize.  That doesn't mean things haven't been happening in my life, because Starhawk came to the Kent campus in the beginning of March to give a lecture on "Women's Hidden Histories: Goddesses, Witches, Hags and Wild Women"... The lecture was okay (I don't mean to offend, but it was a lot of things I'd heard before, and she skipped over things I would have liked to hear more about...) and I met some really nice local Pagans, which is always a cool thing.  After the lecture (even though it was about 20 degrees outside) we went into this plaza outside the theater she gave the lecture in and danced a fairly large spiral dance which was amazing.  Then Starhawk had a book signing back inside, unfortunately my 20th Anniversary Edition of Spiral Dance was back at my parents' house and not in the city of Kent... Ah well.  I still had a lovely time and gained great respect for the Women's Liberation Collective for hosting such a prominent pagan speaker.

Other than that, things have been sort of slow, I picked up Clarissa Pinkola Estés' Women Who Run With the Wolves at a local used bookshop in Kent. I remembered reading quotes from her in another books that I really love, so I thought I'd pick it up (and for $5 you really can't go wrong).  School has been sort of busy and my Spring Break is fast approaching.

I hope to start posting more regularly again, I don't intend to blog-fade. ;)

Edit: I took some more pictures after dinner, enjoy!

I couldn't resist this picture of Misty outside. :)

And, not like it's at all related to Spring or Starhawk... but I adore when I come home at 2AM to see this:

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