Monday, March 29, 2010

Self-discipline and journaling... also, thoughts on a BoS

I've been reading blog posts and discussing the topic of the Book of Shadows lately and it made me start thinking about my goals for a BoS.

I, like a ton of other people, really want the picturesque, plucked-out-of-some-well-done-witch-film, tome that contains information compiled over a lifetime.  Something elegantly crafted and created that becomes a reflection of the person or persons involved in its making.  Alas, I am a college student.  While there are some absolutely gorgeous handmade blank tomes out there, it will be some time before I ever manage to purchase one, or get up the nerve to actually write things in it.

This admission leads me to the topic of journaling, and keeping detailed notes about my magical workings of all sorts.  I want to keep track of the crafts I do that relate to my path, the things I plant and harvest, recipes for incense, oils and food that all have spiritual tie-ins and the like.  However, I am terrible at actually keeping a journal, I've tried over my lifetime to write about the things that go on with me, my dreams, thoughts, you know... but I never manage to keep to it for more than a month or so (thus the whole 'self-discipline' thing)...

I have therefore resolved to use this lovely (albeit inexpensive) journal that I recently purchased a Michael's to start keeping track of the things I do.  If I run out of space, the journals are cheap, and their compactness should make them easy to tote around.  Then, once things like recipes and spells are polished and refined, they can be lined up to be put in the BoS that will eventually happen.  I like the idea of writing things down (even if I do keep electronic copies of a lot of witchy things I come across...) and taking note of how things evolve as my practice evolves.


  1. Hey Ancasta,

    I think there are many things one can do before purchasing a tome from online or crafting shops. I must confess straight of the batt that I did purchase my latest Book of Shadows from a well known online supplier but had so many moments of regret due to poor customer service. The tome itself remains an potent addition to my development but yikes was it nerve-racking. I wouldn't advise anyone to go through that before attempting journaling on a smaller scale. Even now I tend to only write what I practice in my Book as I have dream and daily journals for myself.

    What could be done is one of the large black binders from an office supplier or stationary section of a shop. This can be added to with personal writings or material online. Decorated with sea-shells from soul-walks near beaches or in wood by picking up leaves and herbs and creating a covering from it. Glueing on small gemstones and such to create a person symbol to protect it.

    The tomes one gets online tend to be between 500 and 800 pages depending and so will take time to fill in and don't have much room for error in spellings. As for developing a habit I found dedicating an hour a week to write in the essentials was a good way to find the flow of writing to set the tone of my own book.

    *gasp* Wow that was a rant and a half! lol

  2. I always enjoy reading a rant and a half, especially when it is interesting! I enjoy the idea of a large black or plain binder that can be decorated (but when you said gluing on gemstones I got this fabulous mental image of a totally bedazzled binder, which made me laugh).

    Also, the idea of taking an hour a week to write the essentials is also intriguing, as it seems like a remarkably easy thing to fit into the schedule of a college student. Thanks for the input! It is refreshing to see someone who is not your best friend in real life commenting on your blog. :)