Sunday, April 4, 2010

Blog fodder!

Wow, don't you just love online pagan social networking?  -coughPaganSpacecough-  The live chat function seems to just provide me tons of material which I will deem 'blog fodder'!

Now, I don't often go on PaganSpace, but boy the chat has been interesting today.  Here is a list of some things that irk me:

  1. People share information that, to me, is way too personal to share with people in a public chat forum on the internet, and then bitch and complain when people don't take them seriously and get all rude and whatnot.
  2. The so-called friends of the people who are sharing the personal information are openly willing to meddle in that whole social thing with hexing and bad wu wu. (Which I don't think is entirely ethical because you'd be stepping in on someone's behalf...)
  3. Also, those so-called friends are ready to cast spells all willy-nilly to 'help' the people sharing the uber-personal information "with or without permission" because "it's all good, so it doesn't matter".  (Which I also don't agree with because I'm very much about asking people before I will do an actual spell for them... well wishes are fine and dandy, but actual spell work should only be used when necessary...  The best witches are the kind that know how not to use magic, after all.)
  4. Lastly, but I could probably write a hell of a lot more, everyone is all up in everyone else's business, and there are tons of gossips who fill everyone in if they even look quizzically at their computer screen. 
The experience was both irksome and mildly amusing, depending on the mood I was in at the moment.

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  1. I would have to agree with you. I have found one pagan networking site that is bearable and even that one irks me quite a bit. Paganspace is not the one. I find it to be a magnet for the crazies, and I only go on when A. I need a good laugh, B. I feel like yelling at dumb people, or C. When I am just so bored that I have gone through everything else and paganspace is all that is left to check.
    That's about all that paganspace is good for. It was a great idea when it started but the population therein currently consists of a couple honest and intelligent witches and about 3 million utter loonies.