Tuesday, August 31, 2010

In school (mostly)... my blog mojo is still all out of whack.

In the past 3 days I have
 - packed most of the things I need to live into boxes,
 - moved those boxes into my new apartment,
 - unpacked everything,
 - stressed in ways you cannot believe because my textbooks were all wrong for 2 of my classes
 - fixed crazy textbook messes
 - went to my first class
 - finished reading Susan Robert's Witches U.S.A. (More on that later!)
 - and a whole lot of other things that my heat-addled brain can't think of

Did I mention that I don't have air conditioning in my new apartment?  It sounds really silly but my parents keep the house like a refrigerator in the summers and now I have a ceiling fan and a little floor fan in my tiny new bedroom.  Also, my new roomie (bless him really... I mean, I don't even know the guy and he consented to having me move in on super short notice...) uses the oven at least once a day, if not more! (And for silly things too, like making toast in the morning.  Seriously, I'm bringing him a toaster ASAP.)

It's all wonderfully fine though, because this all means that I don't have to commute an hour each way four days a week for school!  This lets me continue to live in the college-esque lifestyle which I was accustomed to last year of staying up late certain nights and seeing people (oh, and that seeing people thing... evidently I have this thing called a 'social life' that involves actual people and not just me sequestering myself in my room all the time, which is total news to me).

So yeah, the mundane things are working out as well as can be expected given the minimal amount of effort I've been putting in.  On the magical front things are slow... but that slowness isn't necessarily bad, it just means that I have little cause to do big magical workings.

One of the things I have wanted to get around to doing is to make an Academic Crown of Success Mojo Bag a la Cory over at New World Witchery.  I picked up some High John the Conqueror Root at a local new age shop in Lakewood, OH, sadly they were out of my favorite incense... The Frankincense I picked up at Goddess Elite, because I absolutely love that store, I also picked up some Anna Riva Oils, but I'm not a big fan of how most of them smell.  Of the 3 I purchased that day I think the Candle Dressing Oil is my favorite, and by far the most useful (sadly, I wasn't pleased by the pine oil, which was the initial intended oil purchase).

As far as need goes for the mojo bag: I need all the other ingredients on the list, but the only one I think I'll have difficulty finding in this area is a good Crown of Success Oil.  I could get one custom blended for me, but that seems awful pricey and I am but a poor college student.  I'll have to make some calls to places in the area, but the staff at the shops in the Kent area have all been very helpful in the past, so I might have some luck there.  Everything else is easy-peasy.

Joe Pye Weed a.k.a Gravel Root

On a related note, I now know what Joe Pye Weed is, and can easily identify it/wildcraft it in a ton of places in this area.  Yay plants!  And the witchy things WILL pick back up, I swear.  I'm actually getting some hopefully fabulous home-made incense from a friend of mine on Wednesday when we're hanging out to talk shop and eat delicious food somewhere.

Alas, it is now very late and I have an early class tomorrow.  I promise to post more often and be more coherent when I post!

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