Friday, October 1, 2010

Academic slacking and a Kellianna Concert

Granted, the two of those things don't have anything to do with one another (unless you count me skipping my evening class to see her in concert... but you shouldn't)...   In any event, I saw Kellianna in concert at Goddess Blessed in Lakewood, OH tonight and it was absolutely amazing!  I got to meet and chat with Kellianna herself (which is way cooler than her responding to me on facebook... even though that's pretty epic) and listen to her lovely music! I walked away energized with chants and songs filling my head and with a pretty amazing CD, it's a collaboration and Kellianna only has something like 3 or 4 tracks on it, but the entire CD is really wonderful.

Needless to say all of my pagan friends are super jealous of me... hahaha  There was plenty of room for them even at the small venue and I had an excellent time!

In other news, this has been a crazy week emotionally for me (there are a whole lot of reasons for this, but I don't need to go into them).  As a result I think I skipped class on 5 separate occasions this week, which I never EVER do... Ah well.  I spent the time watching tons of movies with my roommate (zombies movies, no less... or horror) and just chatting/bonding with him in general.  In fact, one night a couple weeks back - shortly after I moved in - we were up really late after watching some movies and he [randomly] tells me that he wants to burn sage in the apartment to cleanse it.  I was most definitely on board and we spent a half hour going over the entirety of our apartment with various types of burning sage! Anywho, I'm pretty enthusiastic about my living situation presently, very very exciting.

Also, my apologies for no posts in September, I am terrible at this blogging consistently thing. I hope to improve, we'll see how that goes.  Haha.  Until then, all my love to all of you!

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