Monday, November 8, 2010

So, I'm still really bad at blogging regularly...

School is kicking my ass and owns my soul.  You don't even want to know how many times I have uttered that phrase in the past month.  Between midterms and mid-term writing assignments, I have spent more time in the library than is healthy for any individual.  On the bright time, most of the library sessions happened with other people, so I wasn't completely disconnected socially, and I did make some friends in the process.  I also managed to get just about everything done, which relieves me to no end. -insert relieved grin here-

In witchy news - not a whole lot has been happening.  I am so behind on all of my pagan podcasts, and that academic crown of success mojo bag I was planning on making -- let's just say that it never ever happened, but I think I'll do relatively well this semester (I don't really know why though, the universe must be smiling on me while I get my shit together...).  I did very little that was formal for Samhain/Halloween (though I did tweet some pretty amusing things from my stint of people-watching in downtown Kent) but I'm working on getting back into the swing of regular witchy activities.

One positive and active witchy and womany thing I did begin was a moon journal.  I have decided to start journaling during my periods after reading an older edition of Christine Northrup's Women's Bodies Women's Wisdom that I snagged at my local used bookstore for a dollar.  I'm also re-reading Sue Monk Kidd's Dance of the Dissident Daughter, because I absolutely love that book, and have conveniently found a way to work it into a writing assignment in one of my classes.

On school, I'm also pretty excited about finally declaring my Women's Studies Major, and look forward to actually taking classes for it.  Next semester I will not be in Geneva, but will be here in Kent taking a feminist theory class, along with a special topics class concerning the female body in western culture.  Maybe then I'll be able to contribute to Heather Roberts' blog and/or podcast, which I keep talking about doing, but haven't. In fact, maybe I'll write a piece about moon journaling... hmmm.  I look forward to actually taking a class on feminism, and exploring feminist spirituality in a more academic way than I have been. (Up util now I've really just been reading things as I come across them, with no definite structure or direction to learning... coming at the topic from a different angle will undoubtedly help me to learn even more.)

Again, I'm really sorry that I'm terrible at blogging.  It seems like I'm blog-fading, but I am determined not to, and I plan on blogging again sometime this week, so look forward to it.  -insert wink here-


  1. You are much better at blogging than me, so hush. Tho I do not have nearly the audience that you do, nobody is interested in my blog so it is okay if I blog-fade a little.

    I love the moon journal idea. It ought to be very interesting.

  2. People love you in the blog-o-sphere silly... and you're all artsy and whatnot. Liz has a 0 in her art skill level. :P