Friday, November 6, 2009

A final update on Iolair's situation and my comments.

Well, I think Iolair's situation has been resolved.  He found out a few days ago that it was indeed security who confiscated his things, and they had attempted to contact him* prior to entering his dorm room.  That answers that question and did something to allay some of his fears of discrimination from the people he lives with.  Evidently he has tried to talk to the official security folks at his school and they've been quite rude, but that's another issue.

Now for my comments.  First, the whole situation could have been avoided if he hadn't had those things in his room.  (Personally, I think the athame was really the trigger for the whole thing, and the burning...)  I wouldn't have a lot of those things in my room if I lived in college housing.  Perhaps I'd have some crystals and an unlit pillar candle, but no incense or athame.  So maybe him having all those things that weren't allowed in his room wasn't in the best judgment... Maybe this whole deal happened to teach him a lesson. I don't really know.

At least it's over and his things have been returned.  It was the source of headaches and worry, but now that it's over he can go back to worrying about more important things, like school.

* The so-called 'attempt' was evidently someone knocking on his door once when he wasn't in his dorm room.  This should not really be considered an attempt to inform him of the intentions of the security staff.


  1. i do have a correction to your post. They did not attempt to contact me before they confiscated my possessions.

    I understand them confiscating some of my things. I broke the rules and I understand that. I have done it before and there weren't any issues, but i got careless. Last year i had people search my rooms (because that's what the RA's do when we have fire drills) and what not and there was never any issues. I keep the incense and candles and athame here so that i may use them elsewhere. There are many parks in the area that are great for a quick ritual.

    However, i think that I will be taking at all home. Ive decided that it is just not worth the issues. I have "learned my lesson." I plan on taking it all home. I have decided that it isnt worth the issues or harassment especially now that security has me in their sights.

    I will leave my thing in my room at home where they will be safe and untouched by ignorant security members who think it necessary to go through private things that they have no right to do so. (my tarot cards, for example)

    i am quite discouraged by this, however there is a bright side. i can work with meditation and study and become more knowledgeable and confident in my abilities. *sigh*

  2. I don't mean for you to be bitter towards me, if I read the 'vibe' off of this post correctly. I thought you had said to me that security had come to your room another day when you weren't around. That doesn't really count as attempting to contact though... I was mistaken.

    I also understand that they don't have a right to go through your things, but I'm fairly certain that they would justify their actions by saying that since they found your athame they decided to search further...

    It really is a terrible situation, and I still don't think the university handled it appropriately, and I hope that if you lodge complaints that they are acted upon.

    Perhaps it's best if you take the things home, unless you plan on securely storing them in your room where they can't be easily picked up. That isn't really a precaution you should have to take for ritual goods, but it might be the most appropriate solution for your situation...

    Sorry if I offended, I'll go add a notation with corrections to my post.

  3. I was not bitter and i greatly apologize if it came across that way. It was not intended in any way.

    They did not come to my room on another day when i wasn't there. they came Tuesday afternoon and that is when they went in and confiscated it all. Sorry for the confusion.

    I plan on getting a trunk or some other sort of safe container at the soonest possible moment. for now, though, i think that i am going to take it all home except for my crystals.

    Honestly, i am hoping to have an apartment or something similar next year and i wont have to deal with this. I have no idea who to turn to because the university security is usually the highest step on the ladder. I have a friend who is an RA but she honestly does not know the confiscation policy. I believe that security was very sloppy and jumped to a lot of conclusions in going through my stuff. Hopefully my RD will have some good advice on Monday.

    I'm sorry again for any confusion and if I came across bitter. It was surely not intended.

  4. It's totally fine. I misunderstood some of what we talked about and it shows. A trunk would be good for storage, but I still wouldn't recommend keeping the athame in your room, because of the fact that it's a sharp blade. You could perhaps stash some ritual stuff securely in your Jeep, then if you wanted to do an outdoor ritual you have your things... My personal advice is to stick stringently to the policies of what you can and cannot have in your dorm room until you move into off-campus housing.

    I would also suggest becoming the resident expert on University policy. Your school has a very informative website and intimately knowing the policy means that it's a lot harder for them to cut corners without being called out on it.

    Seriously though, complain and bitch and raise hell until you're treated appropriately, or until someone concedes that they acted inappropriately. I'm not physically there so I can't gauge the situation, but there are always places where you can complain within the structure of a college.